Turkey Dump


The turkey dump occurs when a college or university student returns home during the Thanksgiving holiday to break up with their significant other from high school.


For the Dumpers

Welcome freshman! We know where you stand. You're at a new school and can't help that your mind is wandering from your text book to that fine lookin' individual sitting next to you in Psych 101. It's no joke, colleges and universities have some of the finest looking young people around and your thoughts are quite normal. This is a time for new experiences, experimentation and freedom, and it may feel as though you're missing out on the "best time of your life" if you are to continue in your current relationship with that special someone back home.

It is important to remember however, that your highschool sweetheart doesn't have an itchy crotch. Not to say those at your new school do, but it's always important to be careful and remember what you learned from Ms. Flanagan in grade 7 health class.

What really matters is the state of your current relationship (and relations, or lack thereof), and your desire to live life to its fullest. If your highschool sweety is the one, perhaps you should reconsider your newfound path. If you've been treated poorly however, it may be time to move on and experience what college and university life has to offer.

Whatever the decision, make it this coming thanksgiving and save yourself a hassle-free school year. After all, you'll need some time to get to know that delicious looking person down the hall in your residence.

Good luck and be safe!

Turkey Dump

For the Dumpees

If you're reading this you've most likely just had your heart broken.

Sometimes it's hard to understand people! Just when you think you've figured out how to make the long distance thing work, your highschool sweetheart decides to heave your heart down a spiral staircase. You know what? Screw 'em! They aint worth it. Take a look in the mirror and remind yourself what they'll be missing out on. You're a great person with a lot to offer. Why would you want to be with a shallow loser?

It is important to understand that an individual willing to break up on a whim at their first opportunity is not relationship material. If a change in location trivializes your being together, do you really think it would have worked long term anyhow? Begin searching for a new person who will appreciate you for all you have to offer.

There are plenty of interesting people around you right now! Begin meeting people and find someone you click with. Check out volunteer groups and after school clubs to find people who share the same interest.

Just remember that you aren't alone. Plenty of people are experiencing the same issue this year. With plenty of fish in the sea, you can do better. Read below for some user-submitted stories you may benefit from.

Turkey Dump


Yo! fat props to the turkey dump. last year I broke it off with my girl sarah back home in Toronto because she was too caught up with her own ****. I had no reason to stay with her because she made no effort and there were tons of other girls in windsor who wanted my ****. She was pretty upset at the time, but we've still kept talking since our break up last year. PropS! peace out. -Drew

submitted by Drew

I was the victim of a Turkey Dump three years ago on Thanksgiving. My boyfriend and I met in grade 11 at Abraxas Continuation and had been together for the remainder of high school. Following our graduation, he was accepted to Juilliard in New York and I stayed home in California to work for a year. Once he returned at Thanksgiving, he told me he thought things might be better if we "split up" and saw other people. Obviously things didn't work out and I haven't talked to him since (with the exception of an e-mail or two). The last time we spoke he was living in New York with some girl he met at school. I've since moved on as well, and have met some great guys.

submitted by Alyssa

This guy from my high school broke up with his girlfriend after first year because he wanted to sew his wild oats. I think he thought that going to university would get him laid, but in fact he ended up working construction or something and not going to school at all. She moved on and started dating someone and was alright with it. I think it was a long time coming and it worked out for the best.

submitted by Tom

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Turkey Dump

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The "Turkey Dump": Fact or Fiction?
Science of Relationships
It is the day after Thanksgiving weekend and thousands of undergrads are emerging from a turkey-induced slumber, packing up their leftover turkey sandwiches, and heading back to their dorm rooms newly single. Yep, you got it, they’ve been Turkey Dumped – or at least this is what contemporary dorm room legend implies.
Turkey Dump 2010: Break up this weekend? You are not alone.
Washington Post
College counselors and student affairs officials usually chuckle as they explain a phenomenon they see year after year: Thanksgiving break ending with broken hearts. "We call that the good old Turkey Drop," David Leonard, the dean of first-year students at Washington and Lee University, told me during an interview for a story about freshmen on Thanksgiving break.
The turkey dump
Ask an Advisor
Whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving, there is a phenomenon in college known as the turkey dump. This is when first-year students return home around Thanksgiving and break up with their high school sweethearts. How common is it? Um, common enough to have a website dedicated to it...
That Other Thanksgiving Tradition
Toronto Star
While most of us nurse little more than a bloated belly after Thanksgiving, some undergrads are treating something much more serious — the sting of saying goodbye to their hometown sweetheart. For us, it’s just a long weekend. For them, it's turkey dump time. Also known as the turkey drop or the Thanksgiving dump, it’s the rather flippant term for a fairly serious milestone.
Turkey Dump
For those of us living in Canada, this past weekend was Thanksgiving. However, for many university and college students, Thanksgiving weekend is a tragically horrible time when they are dumped by their high school love. They call it the Turkey Dump, and it’s what...


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Turkey Dump

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